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Latest Announcements
as of February 1st, 2024

Becoming a Board Member

We are currently looking for community members that would like to join our Board of Directors!  The Board of Directors Members are legally responsible to oversee the organization and ensure it serves the best interests of its shareholders.  Board Members assist the organization to set its goals and objectives, support and supervise the Executive and Artistic Director in performing their duties and responsibilities, and ensure that the organization has adequate resources to achieve effective operations. 


How to apply: Job Description and Application Form.   

Leadership Positions  

These are positions we are actively looking to fill. Find additional information and/or other opportunities listed on the Get Involved page.


Volunteer positions

Event Support: Having extra help can be handy. Consider lending a hand before, during, and after various special events or performances. Application here 


Family Meals & Groceries: The Family Meal is a wonderful keystone in our mission. Interested providers will prepare a hot meal of their choice for our small group and join in conversation with youth and team members prior to the program. If you're not able to join us all for a family meal, you're still welcome to provide a prepared meal or simply consider providing groceries for our Community Kitchen. Application here


Transport Support: Our mutual aid efforts are usually in need of community members that can transport (drive) donations from our space to young people's living spaces.  Occasionally, we also need transportation support to bring supplies for our events. Application here


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