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Resource & Healing Advocacy

We supports participants with necessary resources pertaining to housing, employment, education, clothing, physical health, medical services, legal services, obtaining vital records, and other basic needs. We also work with youth participants to strategize and provide healing-based resources to support their mental and spiritual health. We aim to address the many and various needs of youth experiencing homelessness as much as we are able.
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Community Drop-In Arts Program

The Community Drop-in Services is a structure in place to support participants to receive basic resources such as showers, restrooms, laundry, food, clothing, hygiene supplies, and a place to rest.  These services will coexist with the Community Arts Program, a structure that consists of a variety of art-based workshops as a creative outlet for the participants to cope with traumas and build skills that promote self-development.  
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Chicago Youth Mutual Aid

The Chicago Youth Mutual Aid, best known as CYMA, is an effort born from the collaboration of five Black and Brown grassroots led organizations in Chicago serving youth and their families.  Even though this effort was created as a response to COVID-19, these organizations are invested in continuing this project in the long-term.   
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Resource Packet 
Focused for Black and Brown LGBTQI+ Individuals

This Resource Packet has been curated with special focus to support Trans and Gender Non Conforming Black and Brown youth experiencing homelessness in Chicago.  We update this packet on a monthly basis to stay as relevant as possible.   
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