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Trainings & Workshops

As part of our social dedication to build awareness and educate communities, we assist organizations to learn different tools and skills so that they can apply them into their work.

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As a more directly presentational approach, our trainings offer educational spaces which tap into background histories, definitions and tools around the various practices in which we focus and specialize.


We facilitate many different kinds of hands-on workshops where attendees have the opportunity to practice skills and hone tools in a safe environment.  We approach our workshops through popular education lenses which create a brave environment where attendees are able to share their wisdom, create a learning community, and practice the tools/skills learned. 

List of topics we have facilitated 

Below you will see a list of trainings and workshops we have facilitated in the past.  Based on the organization's and/or attendees' needs, we are able to customize our curriculums to achieve what you are looking for. 

  • Understanding LGBTQI+: Gender, Sex and Sexuality 

  • Harm Reduction and Motivational Interviewing

  • Harm Reduction and Supervision

  • Trauma Informed Care: Theory and Practices

  • Using Art and Creativity as a Healing Tool

  • Intimate Partner Violence within the LGBTQI+ Community 

  • Understanding LGBTQI+ Youth Homelessness 

  • Introduction to Transformative and Restorative Justice 

  • Education for Liberation: Popular Education & Theatre of the Oppressed 

  • Youth Centered Work: Strength-Based and Resilient-Based Practices

  • How to Incorporate Trauma Informed Practices in Performing Arts Work





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