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Community Arts Program

Throughout the year, we offer a variety of art-based classes as an outlet of creativity for area youth to cope with traumas and build skills that promote confidence. Variable offerings may include: writing, ballet, modern dance, vogue, visual art, photography, urban fashion, film, and music, among others.  Every December we host a community showcase where participants can share what they’ve created throughout the year.  Classes are open to the public for youth ages 18-30.   
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Healing Performance Program

Over a course of 9 months, LGBTQI+ youth ages 18-25 move through a creative process of healing, self-discovery, and life building that results in a self-developed theatrical production. Throughout the process, members are provided with resource support such as transportation and stipends. This program closes with community performances of the production and possible opportunities to travel nationally while creating awareness about issues surrounding LGBTQI+ youth homelessness and its intersections. 

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Leadership Program

This is a 7-month program where emerging youth leaders ages 18-30 navigate a 4-month training process based on YEPP's Values and Frameworks, facilitation skills, and leadership tools, and 3-month internship within YEPP working towards ending LGBTQI+ youth homelessness.  Those interested in participating must navigate an application and interview process. Applications open every year in March. This program runs from May through November each year, with graduation in November.   

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