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Creative Endeavors

Healing Performance

This is the original and core program of YEPP in which we work with a group of young people within a cycle of one year.  During the first 6 months, newly selected YEPP members move through a process of healing, self-discovery, and life building which results in a self-developed theatrical production. After the initial run of the production, we use the remaining months to tour regionally and nationally while creating awareness about the important issues surrounding LGBTQ youth homelessness. As our longest running signature program, Performance Healing has seen much success and growing strength over the years. 


Arts Programming

Each week we offer a variety of art-based classes as an outlet of creativity for area youth to cope with traumas and build skills that promote confidence. Variable offerings may include: writing, ballet, modern dance, vogue, visual art, photography, urban fashion, film, and music among others.

C.U.T.E. - Creating Unity for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Equality


Our series of 12 intensive workshops and interaction is specially designed for youth who identify as trans and gender non-confirming and which grew from this community’s members to increase self-awareness, create unity, build relationships, and deconstruct violence within the community. The program culminates in a showcase which is based on the conversations that the youth have navigated and developed during the sessions.  Once C.U.T.E. members complete the program, they may continue participating and furthering their work through the C.U.T.E. Alumni Team which is designed to help support and develop leadership within their communities.


HIV Safe Space

This ongoing program aims to provide a confidential space for the youth in our community who are infected by HIV to learn more about the virus, how to take further care of themselves, obtain proper resources, and to build relationships and community.

Leadership Program

This is a 6 months program where emerging youth leaders navigate a 3 months training process based on YEPP's Values and Frameworks, facilitation skills, and leadership tools, and 3 months internship within YEPP or another partner organization working towards ending LGBTQ youth homelessness. 

Supportive Resources

YEPP continually supports it's participants with necessary resources pertaining to housing, employment, education, clothing, physical health, medical services, legal services, obtaining vital records, and other basic needs. We aim to address the many and various needs of youth experiencing homelessness as much as we are able.