Our Mission

The mission of YEPP is to create a safe environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer youth experiencing homelessness to explore their history, investigate new ways to address their struggles and to celebrate their strengths through the process of developing a theatrical performance piece.

Our History

While counseling and supporting LGBTQ young people at the Broadway Youth Center in Chicago, Bonsai Bermúdez facilitated a healing initiative in 2010 which drew upon the experiences and stories of street-based youth using various creative disciplines. It was called Proposal for Life.

The young participants found these workshops so powerful that it grew into Survival Youth Theatre. This new incarnation evolved into a youth-led initiative affording some of the youth opportunities to become leaders of the program. Although this weekly initiative didn’t develop a final performance, the idea stayed alive.

Later that year, after revising the mission, a new team met to develop a plan of rebuilding and re-opening the project. With this new charter in place, the Youth Empowerment Performance Project secured rehearsal space and began operating on March 1st, 2011. Since then, YEPP has produced multiple original works and has performed for schools and communities across the country including Cyndi Lauper and her True Colors Fund in New York City, The National Archives of Washington, D.C., and Creating Change Conference in Chicago. 

OutLoud Launching