Interns & Lead Volunteers


Francine Less

Family Dinner Scheduler - Lead Volunteer

Francine's main function is scheduling family dinners, and she's willing to pitch in  wherever else she's needed .  As a former actor , she loves being involved with our theatrical productions.  During her career in human resource management she became aware of the initial HIV/AIDS crisis through overseeing employee benefit matters for some of the early patients. Her concern for them prompted her to become active with organizations such as Open Hand, Bonaventure House, and Chicago House. She's proud to have implemented  domestic partner coverage in the mid-1990s during her tenure as Director of Employee Benefits for the Art Institute of Chicago and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  She is honored to be called Gma by YEPP members. 

Thyannda Mack
Chicago Youth Mutual Aid (CYMA) Co-Coordinator - Lead Volunteer

Thyannda is the founder of Inclusive Resolutions, LLC. Through Inclusive Resolutions, Thyannda works with people, organizations and communities to find positive resolutions after identity-related incidents, including issues around race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Thyannda is passionate about facilitating healing, deepening inclusion, addressing biases, and achieving meaningful resolution. Thyannda is a mediator, attorney, educator, and parent. She has 15+ years of experience in community engagement and programming. She has spearheaded numerous diversity efforts to advance the development of diverse, equitable, and inclusive educational and professional environments.

Naz Moin
Administrative Assistant - Lead Volunteer

A global citizen, Naz relocated to Chicago nearly two years ago to start a new adventure.

Drawing on a robust career helping emerging organizations gain efficiencies, define culture (focused on diversity & inclusion) and get organized, Naz is a great asset to the YEPP family.

After studying art and sociology, Naz served in a variety of roles in HR, operations and administration. Major accomplishments include helping expand organizations from local to national footprints and overseeing hundreds of employees.  Since leaving Corporate America, Naz has focused on “paying it forward” in a variety of capacities, including a resident administration role at YEPP. She is well-versed in leading teams, effectuating growth and positive change management. Her “no nonsense” manner helps tie up loose ends and ensure that no detail is missed.  A natural people person and fast learner, Naz’s energy is infectious.

David Parnell III
Community Engagement - Intern

Mx. David Parnell III is YEPP’s Community Engagement Intern and comes to us from the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture where they’re enrolled in their Internship Program.


David is finishing their Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication at Alma College in rural Michigan, and sees themself exploring a career in Public Relations. To them knowledge is equivalent to power, and they use this guiding principle to find new ways to bring knowledge, resources, and empowerment to communities in need like their own in their home town of Detroit, MI. David began inter-community