Volunteers & Interns

Addis Aliyu

(coming soon)

Sarah Bazzetta

Sarah Bazzetta is a queer licensed clinical social worker, graduated with her MSW from the University of Michigan. Sarah grew up in Michigan and worked as a Social Worker for 2 years before moving to Chicago. They moved to Chicago to have a larger queer community. As an LCSW, Sarah provides therapy for the LGBTQIA community with a passion for resilience and trauma informed care through an anti- oppression framework. 


Prior to becoming a therapist, Sarah has worked as a youth worker for the past 10 years, which has inspired her to do the work she is now. Her youth work led her to volunteer with YEPP.  Sarah loves spending time in nature and having her feet on the earth. It helps her stay grounded and recharges her energy so that she can continue to share it with others.


Francine Less

Francine's main function is scheduling family dinners, and she's willing to pitch in  wherever else she's needed .  As a former actor , she loves being involved with our theatrical productions.  During her career in human resource management she became aware of the initial HIV/AIDS crisis through overseeing employee benefit matters for some of the early patients. Her concern for them prompted her to become active with organizations such as Open Hand, Bonaventure House, and Chicago House. She's proud to have implemented  domestic partner coverage in the mid-1990s during her tenure as Director of Employee Benefits for the Art Institute of Chicago and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently she has the best job ever, retirement! And the best partner ever, Richard. She is honored to be called Gma by YEPP members.