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We're OUT... and Proud

YEPP, we’re OUT!


We’re OUT on the front lines fighting to keep our youth safe while they face real challenges in the world. We’re out pushing to help our neighbors and our governments understand how to affect positive change. We’re out and PROUD to play such an important role in our colorful community – especially during PRIDE month. But we need your help now, to bridge a shortfall.

Through our constant hard work we have been able to secure much-needed funding from local and national grants for ongoing programming, yet our costs continue to grow. Honestly, we are in constant need of the crucial funds (daily dollars) to support our staff, pay the rent, and “keep the lights on.”

And we’re OUT here asking for your help to cover the cost of surviving and fighting for the next month – and the next 13 lucky years. We’re out to make PRIDE month our time to shine.


By June 30th, we need to raise $50,000 to bridge the gap between our immediate needs and our grant funding. We know this is a big ask, yet we’re confident that your generous one-time donation (or continued support) will go a long way in helping us serve our fragile community. And we need to do this NOW. 


No donation is too large. YOU can help us make this happen.


YEPP, We're OUT... and PROUD!

HELP NOW – Funds needed by June 30th!

We know this is a big ask, but this Pride Month we need your help to raise $50,000 to bridge the funding gap between our immediate needs and our grant funding. We’re confident that your generous donation will help us with the emergency funds needed to pay our operating bills so we can continue to serve our fragile community. The time is NOW. Thank you!

One time





YEPP, we're lucky

After 13 years of surviving as a fruitful, unique, and impactful organization, we're very, very lucky. Why?


For 13 years we've been lucky to work supporting the LGBTQI+ youth experiencing homelessness. We’re lucky to provide meals and essential hygiene products. We’re lucky to provide clothing and transportation cards. We’re even lucky to be able to rent a space to host powerful programming such as housing support, mental health services, and leadership coaching. 


Yes, we’re very lucky to do what we LOVE everyday and to make a lasting difference in Chicago. But this comes at a significant cost – both mentally and financially – and we’re OUT. We're out creating positive change.

Yet in our 13 lucky years, we’ve seen the landscape of Chicago youth work change dramatically:


    • The closing of multiple youth-centered spaces

    • The shift of other organization’s service from COMMUNITY focus to MEDICAL

    • The continuing aftermath of the COVID pandemic

    • The increase of overdose and suicide rates

    • The anti-LGBTQI+ legislation happening across the country


The list of challenges never ends and YEPP WE’RE OUT. We’re out to build a new Organizational Strategic Plan to assure the necessary resources to grip and grow our mission in building the next generation.

YEPP, we're lucky, but we're OUT. Please help us by providing a generous one-time donation to our PRIDE Month Drive. As always, we are eternally grateful.

For additional payment options, please choose from the following options:

Zelle -

Cash App - Username $WeSayYEPP

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