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Director of Programs

Antonio Gray

Antonio Gray, best known as Grey, is a Chicago born activist and community health worker with great love and passion for art. As the eldest of twelve, Grey has come to treasure the value of being a leader among their peers and prefers to lead by example in their approach to the work – trying their best to embody the frameworks and ideals they seeks to spread into the world.


Grey has worked as a health testing agent in the medical field, project coordinator, organizational consultant, outreach coordinator, and has helped create curriculum for artistic programming with various organizations. Now as the “Director of Programs”, Grey aims to cultivate those skill sets even further and bring YEPP’s programming to the next level.


Grey's mission in life is to be fierce in their affirmation of people on their journeys of self-discovery and empowerment. By using their experience to help remove the barriers that prevent community from having access to the things they need in order to grow into the best versions of themselves they are fighting to become. 
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