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Latest Announcements
as of May 24th, 2023

Re-opening Programs and Services  

After taking a small collective pause to assess, learn, restore, and restructure our organizational infrastructure, we are now ready to re-open a number YEPP's programs and services!  


Resource and Healing Advocacy  info

We support participants with resources pertaining to housing, employment, education, clothing, physical health, medical services, legal services, obtaining vital records, and other basic needs.  


CYMA - Chicago Youth Mutual Aid  info

In the CYMA closet you will find: casual and interview clothing, shoes, underwear, hygiene supplies, cleaning supplies, school supplies, baby supplies, household items, and much more.    


Community Drop-In Arts Program  info

We provide participants with basic resources such as showers, restrooms, laundry, food, clothing, hygiene supplies, a place to rest, and low threshold resource advocacy.   


Healing Performance Program  info

Re-opening September 2023    


Leadership Program  info

Re-opening March 2024


Leadership Positions  

These are positions we are actively looking to fill. Find additional information and/or other opportunities listed on the Get Involved page.

Internship positions

Resource and Healing Advocate  This intern position is responsible for connecting participants with resources and opportunities to achieve the next level of self-sufficiency and stability. 

Services Support Specialist  This intern position is responsible for providing in-person assistance for young people navigating our support services. They will also facilitate workshops and/or conversations with young people during the Community Drop-In Arts Program. 


Volunteer positions

Family Meals & Groceries  The Family Meal is a wonderful keystone in our mission. Interested providers will prepare a hot meal of their choice for our small group and join in conversation with youth and team members prior to the program. If you're not able to join us all for a family meal, you're still welcome to provide a prepared meal or simply consider providing groceries for our Community Kitchen. 


Transport Support  Our mutual aid efforts are usually in need of community members that can transport (drive) donations from our space to young people's living spaces.  Occasionally, we also need transportation support to bring supplies for our events. 

Don't forget your donations! 

We are searching for ongoing donations for the Chicago Youth Mutual Aid CYMA distribution center. To learn about this essential service and what is needed, tap the easy links or visit the CYMA page.

Master list of Needs

Donation Drive Guide


Spread the love, spread the word! 


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