Ka'Riel Gaiter

Ka’Riel Gaiter 28, He's native to Chicago and  Has been an activist, Artist, educator, and advocate for the LGBTGNCQ and POC community since 2011 on issues around resource deprivation, trauma informed care, mental health advocacy, and the arts as liberation. In collaboration with Organizations like The Youth Empowerment Performance Project, The Broadway youth Center, Chicago Youth Storage Initiative and a plethora of additional social service agencies, he has advocated for and implemented inclusive resources for unstably housed marginalized youth,Traumatized street based youth,and lack of adequate resources in POC communities on national platforms over the past 7 years. Ka`Riel`s has received awards like Chicago's “ women and femme” award, windy city times “30 under 30” to celebrate the radical advocacy work they have done as a pioneer of social change in the Chicagoland.


Antonio Gray

Antonio is a Chicago born activist and service provider with love and flare for the arts and the community built from them. As the oldest of six, Antonio has treasured the value of being a leader among his peers and prefers to lead by example in his approach to work – trying his best to embody the frameworks and ideals he seeks to spread into the world. He prefers artistic expression through the writing of poetry and understands the need of using art as a means of healing and transformation.


Antonio has worked as a health testing agent in the medical field, as an outreach coordinator, and has helped create curriculum for artistic programming with various organizations. He believes that people should be free to love, laugh, cry, and learn as needed!