Arts Program

Each week we offer a variety of art-based classes as an outlet of creativity for area youth to cope with traumas and build skills that promote confidence. Variable offerings may include: writing, ballet, modern dance, vogue, visual art, photography, urban fashion, film, and music among others.


This program opens in March and concludes with a Community Showcase in December where participants are welcome to share their creations from throughout the year. Classes are open to the public for youth ages 16-29 and offered on a first-come first-served basis (max 20 participants per class).

Call for Teaching Artist Volunteers!

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Liberation Poetry with Chekwube: In this workshop poets will create new writing that speaks on themes of liberation. How does who we are allow us to feel powerful each day? How can we use poems as tools to imagine and make manifest the freedom we want in our lives? We will look to sample poetry by LGBTQ+ poets, respond to weekly prompts, and take time to discuss our work with each other. Poets will revise their poems over the course of the workshop, and by the end, poets will have their work compiled into a group zine.

FRIDAYS: (In-person ONLY)

Building Movements w/ Bonsai: During this series of workshops, participants will be able to create a space for self building/discovery and community building through movement: ballet and modern dance art forms. Participants will learn about the history of these arts forms and their intersections with LGBTQI+ and Communities of Color, while learning the techniques of these arts forms.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to COVID-19 our Arts Program has moved ONLINE! Click here to join Liberation Poetry on Wednesdays from 4-5:30pm.